Wisdom Teeth..

Don’t play. I’ve had the absolute worst luck. Antibiotics killed my stomach. So that was a no go. The swelling just wouldn’t stop. The pain just gets worse by the day. Now, dry socket. 😳

Spring break is almost over, I have accomplished 0 of the 235 things I had planned to get ahead in my classes. Also, might have to cancel my Disney day. 😭

Today is just not my day! 

I’m pretty sure I bombed my lab practical and that’s making me super anxious about my exam on Thursday. I need to study, study, study while I can. The plan was to eat ice cream and study all night buuuuuut I can’t find decent vegan ice cream anywhere. Not that Artic Zero or Soy Delicious Coconut stuff, because that’s not ice cream, that’s just offensive. There’s lactose free but lactose isn’t my problem. 😭 I was thinking about settling because I’m that desperate for ice cream and I have a migraine setting in. However, I would be in major pain for the next 24 ish hours if I do that so I decided not. Which is super disappointing because I drove around for an hour in rush hour traffic…in Central Florida  to every store I could think of and nothing! 

Fast forward to now, I just got home. I’m sitting in the car trying to come up with a plan to get my head back in the game because I cannot have a breakdown right before a major exam. 

Soooo, that’s where I’m at! Lol

How’s your day?! 

The adventure of running begins again! I love running, I really do….until my knees start hurting. This time I’m going to be smart and wear shoes with cushioning and arch support. I need to get some knee braces too!😂 This is truly turning into a major event. I feel my best when I run a couple miles a week. I’m starting with two miles a day until I get back into the flow of things. Hopefully I’ll be running Disney 5k’s in no time! Also, i totally went up more than 8 flights of stairs and I’m sure of that because I leave everything upstairs and have to run up and down them all day.  As of today, .5 of a mile felt like I’d been stranded in Jakku for a week without water. 

I’ll keep y’all updated! 

I hit a plateau for a while but I’m down another 3 pounds! I’m slowly cleaning up my diet again and I’ve been doing full body workrouts a few times a week. It seems to be working better for me. I’m maintaining muscle dropping fat. 🙌🏽

Last semester I finished my classes in advance because I was intrigued. I picked up a part time job halfway through the semester because I finished my classes and I was bored. I made the President’s List and received scholarships to cover my Spring tuition. 
Fast forward to Spring semester and I am bored out of my mind. I have zero interest in my studies and am struggling to stay focused while studying.  I didn’t study nearly enough for any of my first exams. I failed my first test in my college career and honestly, I’m not even bothered by it. 
ADHD means I’m all in or I’m completely out. I’m impulsive and irritable. I lack control of my focus. I’m horribly forgetful and I haven’t been retaining information as easily as usual. 
I have a notebook to write down things I need to remember. I have a desk calendar so that I can visualize important dates and manage my time. I even set alarms on my phone to remind me I have class. 
Studying hasn’t been going well. Not for a lack of trying though. I have been trying several things that have worked before. I have different colored pens, sticky notes, I draw pictures and I only study in natural light. Nothing is working. I know I’m time it will come together but to struggle at something so simple is a confidence killer. 
I’m frustrated that I can’t get it together. 

Up super early to review before my first Bio quiz. I have to be at work in 2 hours and then class an hour after work. 
I feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything that needs to be done. Such as study, work, clean, workout, take care of my house and live! On paper when I lost everything and plan my time, I should have more than enough time. When I actually set that plan into play, I’m exhausted halfway through the week. Which only makes me feel like a failure because why can’t I do it?! I’ve done it before. I was a store manager in school full time while lifting at least an hour a day. So I don’t what the deal is. Maybe it’s my undying need for perfection. I have small doubts about myself when it comes to school which only makes them grow with every practice quiz I fail. 
“Troubles won’t last, neither will opportunity.” -SF


I woke up at 8:09am this morning. Which is an accomplishment in itself. I’m used to being a vampire because I’ve been working night shifts for months. I’m back to day shift+classes. 

I didn’t meet my step goal today because I spent most of the day studying and I didn’t go for a walk 😭. I’m back to eating zero animal products and I’m back to lifting.