“I’ve seen you move mountains. I believe I’ll see you do it again.” – Elevation Worship

I have been struggling lately with my purpose. It is easy for me to be open and active on social media when I feel passion and my faith is strong. I don’t like feeling vulnerable. I don’t like sharing thoughts of doubt or fear. It is those very things though that allow God to work through me. It is my weaknesses that can help others. Life isn’t always about sunshine and happiness. There are seasons of being tested and growth. There are seasons that are full of frustration and strong doubt of being capable of handling certain tasks. It’s not that we can’t though. It’s that we can’t do it alone. There’s no reason for us to carry it all on our shoulders. I believe that our first instinct is to fear. When all we have to do is pray. Just pray and say, “I can’t do this alone. I need you.” That very thing seems to be the most difficult.
I have been struggling with my purpose for some time. I have been branching out. I have been talking to new people, talking about new things, bouncing ideas off of others, listening to what their passions are. It has been thrilling. I can confidently say that the only things that ignite a fire in me are plant based diets, health, fitness and mental health. That’s not news though. I guess it’s a reoccurring thing because I keep trying to ignore it and divert my energy elsewhere. It’s time to face it head on. It’s time to figure out how exactly these things fit into my life and how I can focus on them.

Any ideas?!
What’s your passion?

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The past 30 days have been filled with change! I got serious about veganism. I went full force into being plant based. Eat, sleep, dream veggies and fruits! Haha, but seriously. When I first started my transition just about a year ago I was all about processed foods and potatoes. It was vegan and so it was okay! The weight fell off. I got into a bad habit of losing 5 pounds and then relaxing on my workouts/diet. I would do enough just to maintain. I’d maintain for a month and then clean up my diet and refocus my workout routine. Over the past 30 days I remained consistent and the results were 8 pounds, a pant size and dramatically less bloating. Which brings my year total to about 47 ish pounds and 4 pant sizes! Yikes! 

However, my little brother was here this lasts weekend and I fell off track. Which is sad because why waste my efforts. So I’m bloated. It’s okay though. Progress, guys. Not perfection! 

How are your goals going?! What’s your current favorite workout or meal?! 


Is it just me or is cardio totally worth suffering through just for the endorphins that flood your body after?! People always ask me how I stick to working out. The simple answer is: “I’m not always consistent, but I always make my way back to the gym because of the way it makes me feel!” Sure, I get sore, weights are heavy, cardio is draining but at the end of it, my body and mind are happy! 

“My body isn’t meant for working out.” “You’re lucky that you can workout.” Like, no. Everyone starts somewhere. “What’s in motion stays in motion.”-Science. Lol, but seriously. If you’re always sitting on the couch, why would your body wake up one day and want to go workout? It doesn’t know what working out is. It will need time to adjust. It will adjust and it will love you for it. Your mind will quit before your body will. So get up and get moving! 

The adventure of running begins again! I love running, I really do….until my knees start hurting. This time I’m going to be smart and wear shoes with cushioning and arch support. I need to get some knee braces too!😂 This is truly turning into a major event. I feel my best when I run a couple miles a week. I’m starting with two miles a day until I get back into the flow of things. Hopefully I’ll be running Disney 5k’s in no time! Also, i totally went up more than 8 flights of stairs and I’m sure of that because I leave everything upstairs and have to run up and down them all day.  As of today, .5 of a mile felt like I’d been stranded in Jakku for a week without water. 

I’ll keep y’all updated!