Is it just me or is cardio totally worth suffering through just for the endorphins that flood your body after?! People always ask me how I stick to working out. The simple answer is: “I’m not always consistent, but I always make my way back to the gym because of the way it makes me feel!” Sure, I get sore, weights are heavy, cardio is draining but at the end of it, my body and mind are happy! 

“My body isn’t meant for working out.” “You’re lucky that you can workout.” Like, no. Everyone starts somewhere. “What’s in motion stays in motion.”-Science. Lol, but seriously. If you’re always sitting on the couch, why would your body wake up one day and want to go workout? It doesn’t know what working out is. It will need time to adjust. It will adjust and it will love you for it. Your mind will quit before your body will. So get up and get moving! 


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