THAT vegan. 

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed tonight, I found a gem. 

I’m from San Antonio, Texas. Mexican food is on every block. Most prized possession: barbacoa tacos! Or as everyone else in the world knows it: the meat from a cow’s head. 

A woman in San Antonio found teeth in her barbacoa. An acquaintance from middle school shared it and added, “grosssss”. 

lol what’s truly gross though is that people are so desensitized that they don’t even realize the meat they so often consume is an animal. Animal have teeth, fur, tongues, eyeballs, skin…normal things. We take that life, rip off parts of their body, package it, take it home and consume it as if it’s normal. Yet finding teeth mixed in with meat is gross. Where’s the logic? 👀

So of course I shared it and added that meat comes from animals and animals have teeth!  Making me….that crazy vegan that reminds people that they’re eating animals. 


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