Today is just not my day! 

I’m pretty sure I bombed my lab practical and that’s making me super anxious about my exam on Thursday. I need to study, study, study while I can. The plan was to eat ice cream and study all night buuuuuut I can’t find decent vegan ice cream anywhere. Not that Artic Zero or Soy Delicious Coconut stuff, because that’s not ice cream, that’s just offensive. There’s lactose free but lactose isn’t my problem. 😭 I was thinking about settling because I’m that desperate for ice cream and I have a migraine setting in. However, I would be in major pain for the next 24 ish hours if I do that so I decided not. Which is super disappointing because I drove around for an hour in rush hour traffic…in Central Florida  to every store I could think of and nothing! 

Fast forward to now, I just got home. I’m sitting in the car trying to come up with a plan to get my head back in the game because I cannot have a breakdown right before a major exam. 

Soooo, that’s where I’m at! Lol

How’s your day?! 


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