Last semester I finished my classes in advance because I was intrigued. I picked up a part time job halfway through the semester because I finished my classes and I was bored. I made the President’s List and received scholarships to cover my Spring tuition. 
Fast forward to Spring semester and I am bored out of my mind. I have zero interest in my studies and am struggling to stay focused while studying.  I didn’t study nearly enough for any of my first exams. I failed my first test in my college career and honestly, I’m not even bothered by it. 
ADHD means I’m all in or I’m completely out. I’m impulsive and irritable. I lack control of my focus. I’m horribly forgetful and I haven’t been retaining information as easily as usual. 
I have a notebook to write down things I need to remember. I have a desk calendar so that I can visualize important dates and manage my time. I even set alarms on my phone to remind me I have class. 
Studying hasn’t been going well. Not for a lack of trying though. I have been trying several things that have worked before. I have different colored pens, sticky notes, I draw pictures and I only study in natural light. Nothing is working. I know I’m time it will come together but to struggle at something so simple is a confidence killer. 
I’m frustrated that I can’t get it together. 


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