Much excite//Stress 

Today was long and hectic. I went for a long walk to try and clear my mind for the day however that just turned into me complaining in my head about having to workout. Although I know my health in general is important, I still lose motivation from time to time. 

I had Bio lab and completely forgot to read over the exercise before class. Part of it was suspended to be done to be done at home. Aka I had to take a quiz because I didn’t do my homework. 😭 I think I did okay regardless but I’m definitely kicking myself in the butt for being careless. 

I’ve realized I need to take a step back from working my part time job and really focus on school because my math class started yesterday and I half assed my first assignment today. The repercussions of half assing my knowledge assessment means I have a ton to do this semester…like 15 hours a week of math. Much excite. 
Finally, cue the stress eating. ​


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